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        Dear Readers,
        VoICE International has been enriching its readers with insights into new electoral endeavors and initiatives
        across the world. The magazine is not merely a medium of knowledge sharing, but it has also emerged as
        an important platform for mutual learning.  This issue of VoICE International marks the fifth year of its
           This edition is themed on ‘Collaborations & Partnerships for Voter Education & Awareness’. Election is a
        mammoth task. It involves contribution and hard work from officials, ground-level entities, big organizations,
        and myriad associations. Partnerships and collaborations with various stakeholders are vital to make elections
        truly inclusive.
           This issue includes examples from across the globe of how partnerships and collaborations enrich
        the electoral process. We have covered successful collaborations for effective conduct of voter education
        campaigns in Uganda, inclusion of new immigrants by Taiwan, and insights from the outreach partnerships
        in Russia. The issue also includes inspirational stories from Nepal, Bhutan, ASEAN, Fiji, Ethiopia, Timor Leste,
        Srilanka, Jamaica, and various other countries besides numerous articles by International IDEA and IFES.
           I’d like to sincerely thank the contributors to this issue and solicit even larger contributions for the
        upcoming issues in the form of news items, activities, announcements, success stories etc. I also invite
        feedback, suggestions, and experiences from all Election Management Bodies and look forward to your
        continued support.
           I am thankful to Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Hon’ble Chief Election Commissioner of India and Mr. Anup Chandra
        Pandey, Hon’ble Election Commissioner of India,  all the members of the Editorial Board and the Advisory
        Board of VoICE International for their invaluable contribution, guidance and consistent support.

                                                                                  Dr. Ranbir Singh
                                                                            Special Officer ECI & CEO Delhi
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