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        Partnerships & VE Practices

        by NEBE

                oter Education (VE) is vital in
                supporting citizens’ understanding
        V of their rights and in realizing their
        voting power in addition to giving information
        on how to vote. The National Election
        Board of Ethiopia (NEBE), an independent
        organization established in accordance with
        Article 102 of the Constitution of the Federal
        Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, has done a
        lot to promote and implement VE throughout
        the country.                                           Display of Voter Education
           The Ethiopian Electoral, Political Parties
        Registration and Election’s Code of Conduct   by the Board. Therefore, while various stakeholders
        Proclamation state that NEBE shall provide    and partners play a significant role in providing VE,
        Voter Education (VE) by devising a strategy of   NEBE played a primary role in administering the
        creating election-                                                   provision of VE. With
        related awareness                                                    an aim of addressing
        and adopting              Many local CSOs were encouraged to provide VE.   marginalized
        various engagement        About 300 CSOs applied for accreditation. 167 CSOs   populations like
        approaches. According     were accredited and about 60% of CSOs participated   women, and persons
        to the Proclamation,      in providing VE from mid-February 2021.    with disabilities and
        the Board issues                                                     reaching out to people
        accreditation to                                                     living in inaccessible
        registered Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)   areas, NEBE also granted financial support to 18
        and educational institutions to conduct VE. The   CSOs.
        education and training provided by either the Board
        or through institutions and organizations accredited   Preparation of Supporting Material
        by the Board is based on a curriculum developed   Two important documents were prepared by
                                                      NEBE in consultations with stakeholders and
                                                      partners before the provision of VE. These were the
                                                      Voter Education, Licensing and Ethics Directive and
                                                      the Civic and Voter Education Teaching Manual,
                                                      along with a Trainers’ guide in five local languages.

                                                      Partnerships, Collaborations, and
                                                      Key Partners
                                                         In many of the previous elections, CSOs did not
                                                      participate in providing VE due a restrictive Charities
                                                      and Societies Proclamation (#621/2009).
                   Voter awareness roadshows

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