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        Dear Readers,

        Greetings from the Election Commission of India!

           ’m pleased to present to you the next edition of VoICE International. The quest for global knowledge
           sharing in election management is the harbinger of VoICE International. It started its journey five years
       I back on January 24, 2017, with its first issue on ‘Strategies for Empowering Young and Future voters’. I am
        delighted to note that during these five years it has shared best practices and rich experiences from across the
        world in a thematic progression.
        The theme of this edition of VoICE International is ‘Collaborations & Partnerships for Voter Education &
        Awareness’. Conducting an election involves the efforts, conviction, and hard work of a team that includes
        numerous stakeholders from different sections of society. Besides the election machinery, there is a need to
        involve other organizations and institutions to ensure maximum participation.

        Each Election Management Body is collaborating and partnering with various organizations in different
        sectors, which includes public, private, corporate, non-profit organisations, civil society organisations and the
        media. The aim is to spread voter awareness as wide as possible. In this ever-evolving world, it is necessary to
        learn from each other’s experiences. I hope this edition will provide valuable inputs to all our associates for
        their consideration and future endeavours.
        The conduct of free, fair, and inclusive elections at regular intervals is crucial for the success of a democracy.
        Election management is now a diverse field that calls for subject-matter expertise, creative solutions, and
        multilevel interventions. Besides the features, insights and novel endeavours, this edition also includes global
        perspectives with an aim to share knowledge on making electoral processes more efficient and voter-friendly.

        I extend my appreciation to Dr. Ranbir Singh, Editor-in-Chief VoICE International, and his entire team, the
        members of the Editorial Board, and the Advisory Board for their dedicated efforts towards the publication of
        this issue.

                                                                                      Rajiv Kumar
                                                                         Chief Election Commissioner of India
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