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7th Executive Board Meeting of A-WEB held in Sofia, Bulgaria
The 7th Executive Board Meeting of A-WEB was co-hosted by A-WEB and the Central Commission of Bulgaria on February 21, 2019. During the meeting, the Executive Board members discussed and made decisions on important issues regarding the future direction of this Association. Mr. Marian Muhulet from the Permanent Electoral Authority of Romania presided over the meeting which was attended by officials from Elections Management Bodies across the world.

A-WEB is the largest association of EMBs worldwide, having 109 EMBs as members [22 from Asia, 35 from Africa, 30 from America, 16 from Europe and 6 from Oceania] besides 20 international organisations/regional associations as Associate Members.

A two member ECI delegation, led by Mr. Dhirendra Ojha, Director General with Mr. V.K.Sharma, Consultant visited Sofia, Bulgaria from 19-22 Feb 2019 to participate in the A-WEB Special Committee on Charter Amendments on Feb 20, 2019 and the 7th meeting of the A-WEB Executive Board on Feb 21. 2019.

ECI has been closely associated in the process of formation of A-WEB during 2011-2012 and has been its Executive Board member, since its inception in Oct., 2013, for two consecutive terms (2013-15 & 2015-17). At the last General Assembly held in Bucharest on Aug. 31, 2017, Romania took over as Chair and the ECI was elected, unopposed, as Vice-Chair of A-WEB for 2017-19. Further, the General Assembly of A-WEB will be hosted by Election Commission of India in late 2019.