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Call for Contribution for VoICE International 3 (July-September 2017) issue

Dear Sir/Mam,
It is my privilege to inform you that the Second Issue of the VoICE International for the quarter April-June, 2017 has been launched on the VoICE.NET by Dr. Nasim Zaidi, Hon’ble Chief Election Commissioner of India in a brief, but impressive ceremony at the New Delhi Headquarters of the Election Commission of India.

The underlying spirit of VoICE.NET focuses on maximizing the international experience sharing in voter education and learning from each other for inclusive, informed and ethical participation. In this pursuit, it is our endeavor to maximize the international participation and collaboration. In this context, we have developed a broad conceptual framework for the e-Magazine. A copy of this framework is avaialable at Annex for ready reference. While sending your contribution in the form of articles, pictures, posters etc for the magazine as per this framework, you are welcome to give us any further suggestions also for enriching the framework, content and coverage of the magazine. Your suggestions would be valuable for us.

I may share with you that the next issue of VoICE International is due in July, 2017 and we have already started working on it. I invite you to kindly contribute in the form of an Article (up to 1000 words) and/or a write up in any of the items mentioned in the General Content Framework (Annex) of the Magazine. You may like to coordinate with your EMB or the Expert Institutions, Academic Institutions etc for the aforesaid contribution. We will be happy to receive the Articles, case studies and write ups etc by 17th July 2017 for the July-September issue.

I may mention herein that the Special Theme for the next issue of the Magazine is ‘Special Initiatives for Enhancing Participation by Persons with Disability (PwDs).’ We will be happy to receive contribution on the above subject and in addition write ups on items mentioned in Annexure.

We welcome a brief note/ web-link/ any document/ literature developed on this subject by your EMB or any expert institution in your country.
I shall be grateful for an early response in the matter.

With regards,
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Aarti Aggarwal,
Associate Editor, VoICE International

ANNEXURE: VoICE International (An e-magazine on Voter Education at VoICE.NET)
Broad Content Framework: Voter Education
Section I: Developments around the World
· Snapshot: Voter Education
· Good Practices, Case Studies.
· Articles on Inclusion, Special Voters. Service and Overseas Voters.
· Articles on Campaigns including Poster Campaigns, special campaigns and Outreach, Strategies and Approach, Methodologies.
· Voter Information, Voter Awareness, Voter Engagement, Voter Confidence and Voter convenience; Free and Fair Voting. Ethical voting
· Non-partisans, their role and contribution in Voter Education.

Section II: Investments in Future of Democracy.
· Kids Vote; School Level Interventions
· Voter education and civic education; curricular and extracurricular models; Curriculum Development, Curriculum content for different levels.
· Mock Vote, Hands on Experience, Student Debates.
· Institutional Involvement.
· Resources for Teachers

Section III Youth Engagement
· Campus and Non Campus engagement; Students engagement in elections to assist the process

Section IV: Technology and Voter Education
· Mediated Communications, Social Media.
· Internet, Blogs, Webinars, Initiatives in Internet Voting.
· Conventional Media, Press, Radio and Television.
· New Technologies in Voter Education.

Section V: Picture gallery
Pictures, Best Posters, creative materials of any type on voter education.
(To be located appropriately at different places in the Magazine)

Section VI: Special Section(s)
· Featured Articles on special themes, Institutions of Excellence in Voter Education; their role, strategies and contribution to Voter Education.
· Interviews and special interactions.
· Books and Book Reviews.
· List of publications and Articles on Voter education.
· Events, past and future, International Training Programmes, Awards.
· Election Calendars of different EMBs.
· Websites, Articles, Blogs,Reports Concerning Forecasts, Trends, and Ideas about the Future