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Third Gender Day

Inspired by the success of International Women’s Day which was celebrated on 8 th March, 2017 to create awareness among women,Ashwani Kumar, Chief Electoral Officer, Maharashtra,decided to celebrate & Third Gender Day & to create awareness among this marginalized community about their electoral rights on 15 th April.Since the landmark judgment on recognition to third gendersdelivered on 15th April, 2014 by Supreme Court of India, 15th April has become historical for Third Genders (TGs).


In view of this, a meeting with prominent TGs and NGOs 'Astitva', 'Astha' and 'V-Can' was called on 15th April at CEO office.Eminent personalities like Smt. LaxmiThipathy, SmtGauriSawant, SmtUrmiJhadhav and other TGs attended the meeting.SmtIndraniMalkani ,SmtSeemaSayeed represented their NGO's along with their TGs.In this meeting various socio-economic issues related to the enrolment process were discussed.It was concluded that lack of awareness and lack of documents are the prime cause of TGs not enrolling in big numbers and thus the measures to address them were discussed at length.

Finally, it was decided to hold a Special campaign of one week for their community all over Maharashtra.All NGO's will be partnered in this campaign to create awareness and encourage TG's to enrol in the ER. Moreover, a publicity campaign was chalked for the forthcoming week (14th April to 21st April 2017).

As the main transportation used by third genders in Mumbai is local trains, therefore, theyare being used for publicity. Shirish Mohod, Deputy Chief Electoral Officer and Maharashtra State SVEEP Nodal Officer informed thatposters with messages on electoral awareness for TGs are pasted on exterior frame of these local trains which run through Mumbai and Thane. These posters are eye-catching and informative. Similarly watching Movies being the most popular media for entertainment for TGs, a TVC is being played in over 100 cinemas all over Mumbai.Maharashtra was the only state to have celebrated a day for TGs in India.