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Empowering Young and Future Voters”

NewsLetter The Election Commission of Nepal has been conducting different activities for the promotion of the engagement of youth and future voters as guided by the national level policies of Nepal. The Constitution of Nepal states that ‘the State makes efforts for the empowerment and development of youths and provides them with appropriate opportunities for the overall development of the State’.

The Youth Policy of 2015 has become one of the objectives in preparing committed youth and ensuring accountability to the state and democratic system. Following this national policy framework and realizing the multiplier effects of the participation of youth and potential voters in electoral process, the Election Commission of Nepal has already begun its strategic initiatives to engage youth and future voters through electoral education, capacity building, dialogue, interaction, participation and mobilization,.

As there are more than 35% of youth voters out of around 14 million voters and 0.4 million citizens are expected to turn out into eligible voters every year, the Election Commission of Nepal has launched several focused electoral education activities in Nepal such as:
• The Electoral Education and Information Center has provided ample opportunity for school students to learn about election and democracy in an interactive pedagogy.
• Youths of political parties have been trained in electoral affairs, including their role in election and electoral code. Youth and future voters of marginalized communities and people with disabilities are also given due consideration in educating them about electoral practices.
• An integrated manual consisting of different topics including electoral management, democracy, electoral process, code of conduct, EDR and role of stakeholders among others have been prepared for the youth focused training.
• Additionally, the Election Commission of Nepal has created a platform on social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter et al) as most of the youth population is habitually on these sites.

The results have shown a significant increase in youth participation in elections (voting) which was observed in the CA election held in 2013.

Dr. Ayodhee Prasad Yadav,
Chief Election Commissioner, Nepal