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Fiji Launches a National Polling Venue Directory

On the morning of September 6, 2017, Chairperson of the Fijian Electoral Commission, Suresh Chandra, launched a National Polling Venue Directory Launch at Suva. Under section 75 of the Constitution, the Electoral Commission is responsible for conducting free and fair elections in accordance with the legal and electoral framework. The next General Election in Fiji is scheduled in next year i.e2018. Since its appointment, the Electoral Commission promised to approach the upcoming elections strategically. Working towards the same, and to ensure good election management, the Fijian Election Office identified polling venues across the country and published them in an annual publication.

In his address at the launch event, the Chairperson, Suresh Chandra said, "We understood that the Fijian Elections Office had already been working on several aspects of the Election.We knew that the innovative and committed group of individuals at the FEO needed our support and guidance and as such, we chose the theme 'Raising the Standards in the Delivery of Elections in Fiji'.For the first time in Fiji's history, the probable locations of PollingVenues around the country have been identified and published as an annual publication. This means that electoral information will become increasingly available. At the moment we anticipate to have 2,149 Polling Stations throughout the country."

While the printed volumes of the directory are for school libraries, anyone can access the online version at the FEO website that givescitizens directions to their allocated Polling Venue. The Fijian Elections Office has already extended a copy of the Fiji National Polling Venues Directory to each Secondary School Library in Fiji during National Library Week.

This will allow young Fijians the opportunity and exposure to elections right from school. "When we come for Voter Registration next time to schools, students will already have a resource to identify the 3 preferred Polling venues through this resource", said Chandra.

FEO Appointed to AWEB Executive Board

In September 2017, the Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneemwas elected to the Executive Board of Association of World Election Bodies representing the Oceania Region on behalf of the Fijian Elections Office. This is the first time an Oceania seat has been included in the AWEB executive board.

AWEB is made up of 106 election Management Bodies from around the world. It also has 18 international partner agencies.'I am grateful to my colleagues in the Pacific for their trust and confidence in Fiji to be able to carry out this new responsibility and I look forward to the challenge", remarked Saneem.

Since its establishment in 2014, the Fijian Elections Office is now represented at the board level in Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand electoral Network, Commonwealth Electoral Network and now in the Association of World Election Bodies.