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Closing Ceremony- International Seminar on “Strategies for Empowering Young and Future Voters”

NewsLetter Prior to the commencement of the closing ceremony, Dr Nasim Zaidi, the Chief Election Commissioner of India, launched VoICE international, the quarterly e- magazine on VoICE.NET platform.

Voter Information, Communication and Education Network, also known as VoICE.NET is a global knowledge network on voter education with the members from twenty Election Management Bodies (EMBs) and other international institutes such as International IDEA, UNDP, IFES etc.

Voice.International has contributions from different Election Management Bodies (EMBs) and international institutes. It has been put together by Mr Umesh Sinha, executive secretary of VoICE.NET. The theme of the inaugural issue of VoICE.International was akin to the Seminar ‘Empowering Young and Future Voters’.

The highlights of the presentations were given by Shri S.D. Sharma, Senior Fellow, Election Commission of India in which he expressed his happiness on the fact that the seminar has been successful in not only serving as a platform for exchange of best practices but also has opened avenues for the future. The discussions exhibited that the concern of all nations lies in the conduct of free, fair, credible and inclusive elections. He emphasised that such seminars will help immensely in providing a support to all election management bodies.

NewsLetter The concluding remarks were presented by Dr. Nasim Zaidi, the honourable Chief Election Commissioner of India in which he expressed his pleasure on the launch of the VoICE.International magazine and also congratulated the SVEEP department for the conference reader which has enriched contents from the participating Election Management Bodies (EMBs) and international institutions. He expressed his desire to witness the participation of more Election Management Bodies (EMBs) in the VoICE.NET initiative and also requested them to come forward with more enriching contents for its future updation. He also announced that VoICE.Net is open for other Election Management Bodies (EMBs) to take up its charge from the Election Commission of India for future.

The vote of thanks was given by Shri Dhirendra Ojha, Director, Election Commission of India who thanked all the senior officials and foreign dignitaries for participating in the event and the Election Commission of India for their consistent guidance as also the organising team of the event for its successful management.